Currently in the United States, there are over 60 accredited biomedical engineering programs and about 100 biomedical programs in various universities and institutes, which are attempting to address the vast range of biological research and engineering challenges in the field. What is unique about Caltech’s Medical Engineering Department is that it is deeply rooted in multidisciplinary engineering with a strong emphasis on the development of micro and nanoscale medical technologies and devices. Leveraging this strength, we work side by side with our collaborators in medical schools and hospitals to engineer top-notch medical devices and provide solutions to the challenges that clinicians and medical researchers face everyday. We are determined to parlay our first-class engineering research capability to achieve transformative societal impact in the area of translational medicine. As you explore this website, we hope you are inspired to join us. Learn more »

Medical Engineering Department

The Department of Medical Engineering (MedE) is one of the seven departments in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science (EAS) at Caltech and its efforts are strongly engineering-oriented. Many of the faculty in the MedE Department are also involved with the biology-oriented efforts of the Biological Engineering program in the Division of Biology and Biological Engineering (BBE). The research and academic pursuits of the Medical Engineering faculty are focused on applying medical sciences and multi-disciplinary engineering principles to the design, analysis, and physical demonstration of medical devices and systems for translational medicine, including innovative diagnostics, implants, and therapeutic systems. Learn more »

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Medical Engineering: A Moral Obligation
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Medical Engineering